Listing by Purpose

The materials included in the resources library each have different functions. If you need to identify materials to support your work in a particular area, you may find the grouping below more useful in identifying what you need.
Explanation materials provide insight and guidance into systematic management and its implementation
Planning materials provide support to the identification and deployment of clear objectives
Reporting materials provide a basis for presenting salient performance information
Review materials provide mechanisms for understanding overall progress and the issues therein
Culture materials can be used to work on the organisational values and attitudes
Problem Solving materials provide the means to equip your people with problem solving skills, processes and tools
You may also access the materials 'by type' which provides access to the above materials, but grouped by type rather than function.
The copyright for these materials rests with Tesseract Management Systems Ltd., but we would like you to make free use of them providing that you abide by the conditions in our general terms of use. The act of downloading these materials is taken to signify your acceptance of these conditions.

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