Session Plans

The value of session plans is clearly set out in the book 'Managing by Design'. We personally develop session plans for each and every client workshop, event or training session. We do so, not because we are raving bureaucrats, but because it helps us to clearly think through what we are trying to achieve and how - and as a result it is as though we never have to deliver anything 'for the first time'.
As a result, we have developed session plans for practically everything, and this gives us the opportunity to adapt and develop existing ideas where appropriate. We offer these plans to you in the same vein. But we make this plea - do not expect to simply print off one of these plans and deliver it - YOU WILL FAIL!
Session plans are first and foremost about getting your thinking right. We have never yet delivered the same session plan twice (except in the case of specific routine meetings where consistency is as important as adaptation). By all means, please use these plans to get inside our heads and develop your own thinking - but please then play with them and modify them to suit your own situation and the people you are dealing with.



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