Tools to support the implementation of systematic approaches to management

There is always a danger in providing tools to support any change programme; that the tools become the change. When this happens, the limits of the tools inevitably become the limitations of the change - and all tools are limited; they are bound by their current definition: practically, culturally, experientially and spiritually.
Yet, used with an appropriate attitude, they provide a valuable shortcut to apply other's experience to your specific issues. It is with this in mind that, with some degree of trepidation, we include the tools listed in this section. With trepidation, because we have lost count of the number of times we have seen managers lazily, and thereby inappropriately, apply tools - only to see them fail and to conclude that the tools themselves were at fault.
Used appropriately (and by that we include some degree of modification where the culture and needs of the organisation dictate), the tools in this section have provided tremendous benefits to our clients. We are particularly proud of the tools on problem solving which have brought major performance improvements to our clients. The PROBLEM simulation, shown right is a particularly awesome tool for developing a real practical experience of process improvement.

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