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A key part of any successful implementation of QFD and systematic management approaches is gaining the understanding and commitment of your management staff. Over the past decade this has been the major focus of our work, and as a result we have developed and refined a number of slides and presentation sets to support this work.
Sadly, compelling slides are only a small part of the solution, and while they should provide you with a flying start, they are no substitute for the commitment and understanding of the presenter - we may, by including the slides here, have saved you a degree of graphic manipulation, but the hard work of getting in tune with the messages you intend to present is still very much in your court - and so it should be!
Employing a consultant may defer the day of reckoning, but in our experience the MDs (CEOs) who have really made a difference have done so as and when they have taken complete personal ownership for the messages.
But for those who receive this message and take it to heart, the slides in this section, in conjunction with the book 'Managing by Design', should provide an excellent source of support, guidance and inspiration, and we include them with this intent.

Presentation materials in MS PowerPoint™ format:

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