Far from distracting organisations from their performance, investment of management time in developing systematic approaches to its responsibility is the most powerful way of generating sustainable performance improvement, as indicated by the diagrams on the right. Clicking on the relevant diagrams will take you to an explanation below.

The site contains a number of case studies that illustrate the power of the approach, and numerous testimonials to its effect. It also contains the full text of the article 'The Designer Organisation', a case study of Emerson, which is quoted in the lower section of the results column of the big picture.

What will systematic management and QFD, achieve for you? What do you want it to achieve? Set your targets high, and then put in place the systematic components which will ensure their fulfilment. All the resources that you need are available on this site. But if you would like the added assurance (and acceleration) that experienced external support can provide, then please feel free to take a look at what we do.

The diagrams shown on the results column of the big picture are:

Emerson SAE, (then Fisher-Rosemount) who drove up delivery performance from c40% to 95% while halving inventory levels. For more information, click here.

Smith & Nephew Group Research, who achieved over 40% improvement in most of their key areas of operating performance. To view the case study, click here.

Siemens Strategic Purchasing & Logistics (SP&L), who have reversed a loss-making position and generated 66% improvement in logistics revenue and a 74% improvement in purchase savings for Siemens over two years. For a general overview of how the work with Siemens Shared Services (of whom SP&L are part) was begun, click here.

Microsoft/ICL Partnership Project, who exceeded both revenue and satisfaction targets set for the partnership (vitually doubling turnover while halving the gap to perfection on customer satisfaction). To read the case study, please click here.

To explore another secion of the big picture, please click on the relevant area of the image below:

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