Support Concepts for Managing by Design

Chapter 5 of 'Managing by Design' outlines a process for managing systematically. This is further expanded in Chapter 14.

The model used in these chapters of the book is key to harnessing the power of QFD into performance improvement activity. Where QFD is used without the other aspects of a systematic approach, it becomes sterile. Where it is an integral part of a systematic approach it galvanises and focuses effort to deliver transformation.

But please don't think that the approach reflected is in any way exclusive. It is simply one way of conceptualising good practice that already exists in many companies, and is reflected from different perspectives in many best-practice management ideas.

To understand this better, we would ask you to explore the section on 'systematic management', where the model is explained in greater depth, and it is possible to see it as simply a framework for understanding good practice, and for keeping it in balance. This section also provides a basis for you to consider what tools you might use to strengthen your approach in these areas.


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