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Even though 'Managing by Design' is 528
large format pages, it has not been possible to include everything that we would like to support people in their application of the ideas it contains. Also, paper is not always the best medium to provide some of the things you might need.
'Managing by Design' is divided into six sections, each of which looks at a different aspect of implementation, and each of which lists a number of useful tools at the end. Further to this, the chapters on the wider aspects of systematic management are greatly expanded in this website.
To access the materials for a particular section of the book, click on the letters A to E or Appendices below. (or if you have loaded Site Navigation, in the expanded menu in the left-hand margin.)

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In our work to apply the principles of 'Managing by Design' within our clients' organisations, we have had occasion to develop a large quantity of support materials, many of which could provide a flying start to anybody who is serious about implementing systematic approaches to the management of their organisation.
The materials provided on the website are not confined to those referred to in the book, and as our work with clients continues, we will continue to add these to the resources section as and when new tools become available.
Over time, we also hope to link to other sites which supply relevant high-quality resources. If you know of such a site, and if that site is willing to make those materials available free of charge, then please let us know at


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