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When I was first introduced to Systematic Management, including QFD, I was an electronics Manufacturing manager buried in a period of extreme growth. Volumes of product grew six fold and staffing levels doubled over a period of three to four years. Quality was around 50 to 60%, on time delivery was around 70% and the organisation was in chaos. Using the tools described in this book, I was able get everything under control and to improve on time delivery to over 90% and quality levels to around 98%. I do not know of any other tool that would have allowed me to do this

Roy Knight, World-wide Demand Planning Director, Emerson Process Management

Every manager reading this book will recognise many situations and characters. I know a few people who need to read this - it might save them!

Johan Verhoeven, JV Consultants, NL

This book clearly captures the 'look and feel' of driving performance improvement through QFD in two complementary formats. I can readily identify with the issues and conversations, but fortunately the precise characters remain anonymous. A powerful way of conveying the issues that we all face!

Chris Merkin, IT Director, Micromotion, Boulder Colorado

This book is all about practical implementation to improve and sustain your bottom line. The QFD process can be understood and used by all types of individuals - its beauty is in the simplicity with which it manages complex business environments.

Dilip Popat, Service Manager, Microsoft Limited

A brilliant idea! If you're in the change business, you'd better know what to expect, and this book lays it all out.

Dave Rawlings, Director of Quality, Planning & Information, Smith & Nephew Group Research Centre

Spiritually uplifting with some startling insights: 'Managing by Design' is an excellent book that engages with real people through putting over the arguments in a very clear and readable way - it has the capacity to change lives. It should make every manager think about what they do for their company and people, and what they do for themselves. Congratulations - this is an inspired book

David Newey, Digital Business Consultant, BP plc



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