Managing by Design (Virtual)

All of the main sections of the book 'Managing by Design: Using QFD to Transform Management Performance' can be accessed, free of charge, from this page.
The sections may be opened in Acrobat pdf format. Copies of Acrobat reader can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website: The files range in size up to 200kb.
Once the pdf file has been opened, it is possible to save it to the hard-disk on your computer, by clicking the disk icon in the top left hand corner. Alternatively, by right clicking the links, you can select to 'Save Target As...' and download the file to your disc drive.
Please note that, in order to keep the pdf file at a practical size for downloading, the images in the book will appear grainy. For this reason, the option to print from the Acrobat file has been disabled.
However, to obtain a paper copy with high quality images, please click here

The following sections are available:

 Introduction (Please read the introduction to understand the way the novel and the textbook are interwoven - side-by-side - in Chapters 2-24)
 Chapter 1  (Introduction to the novel)
 Chapter 2  Confront confused direction
 Chapter 3  Confront inferior organisation
 Chapter 4  Confront impoverished management practice
 Chapter 5  Confront deficient awareness
 Chapter 6  Confront undisciplined planning
 Chapter 7  Establish clear and explicit common goals
 Chapter 8  Define the structure of the organisation
 Chapter 9  Exploring ways of working together
 Chapter 10  Encouraging commitment
 Chapter 11  Leading the change
 Chapter 12  Proposal reconciliation
 Chapter 13  Managing upwards
 Chapter 14  Driving a consistent approach
 Chapter 15  Balancing work and home
 Chapter 16  Personal values
 Chapter 17  Clarifying your purpose
 Chapter 18  Reconsidering and re-evaluating your role
 Chapter 19  Designing your role
 Chapter 20  Making hard decisions
 Chapter 21  Systematic management meetings
 Chapter 22  Tackling issues (Pursuing the goals)
 Chapter 23  The Roof
 Chapter 24  Process management reporting
 Chapter 25  Pulling it all together

You can purchase your own paper copy of the book from here


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