Training the trainers for ongoing support

In one sense, all of our work is training, but most of it is 'on the job', where progress in competence is balanced with the need to deliver tangible progress in bottom line results.
However, we have also had call to develop a number of training courses where the client has had a special requirement for a set of skills to be developed internally to better support his or her deployment of the systematic approach. These have predominantly been delivered on a 'train the trainer' basis, where a number of the initial delegates have taken over responsibility for delivering the course to the rest of the organisation.
The following courses are by far the most popular in this area:

Facilitation: developing the skills of facilitation as the basis of a new management style which better drives commitment and stimulates personal development, creativity and enthusiasm

Problem Solving: developing the skills and attitudes necessary for successful and consistent problem solving

Consultancy: preparing particularly capable fast-track juniors to support their colleagues in other areas of the organisation in all the stages of implementing systematic management

Please note, Tesseract does not run open courses. All of our courses are delivered in the context of a client organisation which is actively pursuing systematic management.
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