Development and facilitation of planning processes

At the heart of all successful implementations of systematic management is an ambitious set of performance objectives which have the understanding and commitment of the whole organisation. The combination of a worthwhile goal with the teamwork needed to deliver it provides a source of real energy to 'do things properly'.
Tesseract helps its clients by developing and facilitating three different types of planning workshops in the main:

Visioning workshops: where management teams develop clear and compelling pictures of what they want their organisations to be

QFD workshops: where the vision of the organisation is translated into ambitious performance goals, and deployed into the processes of the organisation, and where management develop a collective commitment for their delivery

Cascade workshops: where the whole organisation understand the challenges raised by management, and collectively develop their own process visions and objectives in response

Our philosophy is that workshops are always 'owned' by the client. We will work with the client to agree workshop objectives and structure, which we can use to design the session plan and materials and to facilitate the body of the workshop, but only in support of the client, who has full ownership of what the workshop is to do for the organisation, and who champions it with his or her team.
With more advanced client organisations we facilitate the client and a subset of their management team to design and deliver their own workshop(s). Where client staff have been able to make this commitment of their time and resource, the results have been awesome in both performance and people.
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