Analysis of systematic needs and receptiveness

Continuous improvement has been on the business agenda for three decades now, and it is extremely rare to find an organisation where there is not some form of good practice or ongoing improvement activity; where there is not something that can be expanded and built upon.
And if there is something that can be expanded and built upon, it is vitally important that this is recognised, for to fail to do so runs many risks: the demoralisation of those (often more enthusiastic and committed people) involved; the waste of good work; a lack of focus in the proposed change; and disorientation from the loss of all things familiar.
On the other hand, where there are practices and issues that could undermine the new objectives and their systematic delivery, these need to be clearly identified and addressed.
Tesseract begin all their consulting assignments by ensuring that their clients have a clear understanding of their strengths and their issues in these areas. Where (as in most cases) the information does not exist, or there is a lack of confidence in the picture that emerges, Tesseract will undertake a survey themselves, and analyse the results into an accurate picture of the salient strengths and issues. This is fed-back to the client as a basis for determining clear objectives for the success of the project.
Tesseract undertakes two different types of survey:

Diagnosis: where the organisation is wishing to embark on a programme of implementing systematic management approaches

Audit & Review: where the organisation has been undertaking a programme of systematic management for some time, and wants to learn from their progress and improve their approach

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