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Tesseract Management Systems have over ten years experience of helping clients to implement QFD and systematic approaches to management. The case studies on this site each reflect different aspects of our work with clients.
Essentially, our work falls into five categories, as follows:

Analysis of systematic needs and receptiveness

Development and facilitation of planning processes

Support in the implementation of systematic approaches

Training the trainers for ongoing support

Special projects and resources

Our services are based on proven tools and methods, but are always tailored (and sometimes totally redesigned) to meet client needs. Each client starts from a different position of need, strengths, opportunities and receptiveness. Understanding this, and involving the client in working it through, has been fundamental to our remarkable and sustained success.
We make no secret of our approaches. If organisations are willing to copy what we do, through the wealth of resources available on this site, then we actively and enthusiastically encourage them to do so. Our only value-add is our objectivity and our ability to accelerate your progress through experience, challenge and confidence. It is important to us that we add value in our own right, and that we are appointed solely for this reason, and not by means of restricting the use of valuable information or effective methodologies.
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