Testimonials: Transforming people and performance

When I was first introduced to Systematic Management, including QFD, I was an electronics Manufacturing manager buried in a period of extreme growth. Volumes of product grew six fold and staffing levels doubled over a period of three to four years. Quality was around 50 to 60%, on time delivery was around 70% and the organisation was in chaos. Using the tools described in this book, I was able get everything under control and to improve on time delivery to over 90% and quality levels to around 98%. I do not know of any other tool that would have allowed me to do this

Roy Knight, World-wide Demand Planning Director, Emerson Process Management

My experience of organisations in need of surgery is that they don't usually lack people with enthusiasm, creativeness and drive. The key to creating their success is very often the creation of a common vision and a systematic approach to management, which channels all efforts in one direction to achieve this vision. QFD has helped me personally achieve this in several different organisations

Juergen Maier, Managing Director, Siemens Shared Services Ltd

It's easy to create a new approach to management - the bookshelves are crammed with them. It takes real insight and powerful logic to create an enduring approach. Mike Clargo has achieved this by applying a tool borrowed from engineering. He has used QFD to reduce the complexity of management to simple principles which, when combined and applied, have the power to transform organisations - and to continue to develop them in response to the changing environment.

Kevin Downes, Technical Manager, Wound Mgt Business Unit, Smith & Nephew plc

I used QFD to successfully recover from the chaos following the dual disaster of a $24M fraud and a widespread corrupt system implementation. QFD helped improve productivity in the Finance department by 33% in two years - it provides the raison d'etre and focus for every activity in the business. I have never known these QFD tools to fail. QFD opened the mind of an internally focused and autocratically inclined bean-counter to what real empowerment was and showed him what he had to do to get the combined efforts of the whole organisation, across all functions and workgroups, to be brought to bear on the goals of the organisation.

Phil Ranson, Finance Director, Control Techniques plc

I have experienced the QFD process and witnessed the transformation from demoralised, dysfunctional groups to effective, progressive organisations. I know of no other method which is as systematic and repeatable in achieving this as QFD.

Chris Merkin, IT Projects Manager, Micro-Motion Inc.

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