Testimonials: Improving management's control of the organisation

QFD is the only tool I have seen that allows a manager implement cultural, structural, and process changes in to an organisation whilst still being able to keep an overview. It allows me to monitor progress on all aspects of change and focus my attention appropriately, safe in the knowledge that I understand why I need to focus attention in that area, and sure that it will give me a sustainable change in the performance of my department. As a consequence of QFD, and the resulting clarity of the goals, aims and vision, the whole department is more focused, but also having more fun despite the difficulty of their task.

Clare Healy, Programme Manager, Wound Mgt Business Unit, Smith & Nephew plc

As a manager in an International organisation, I had been introduced to most of the concepts and ideas about management, but the issue has always been how best to link these concepts and ideas and put them into practice. Systematic management and QFD did it for me!

Dietmar Harteveld, World-wide Supply Chain Director, Emerson Process Management

QFD was originally conceived as an aid to product development. Using it to run a business is a truly novel concept, perhaps too novel for some people, but the clarity and simplicity of the view it gives is invaluable in moving management out of the process and into the monitoring and guiding position where it needs to be. The experience of working through the process had a huge impact on our management team, and the result has been a better-formed team with a common language.

Dave Rawlings, Director of Quality, Planning & Information, Smith & Nephew GRC

Having been part of a Team that used QFD to turn a business around, it is now endemic to how I do my job. I simply would not want to operate without the clarity and structure the QFD process gives to the business.

Kevin Thompson, Material Manager, Emerson Process Management

This single idea transformed my whole view of what managing a team really meant. QFD has transformed how I and my team look at managing our business in a way that has engaged, motivated and ensured sustainable improvement - I am now unshakeable in my belief that this message must be shared with others

Mark Richardson, R&D Director, Smith & Nephew Wound Management

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