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We see QFD simply as the mechanism by which we can more effectively live our visions and values and bring what can often seem abstract to employees, into real focus in their daily lives. Applying discipline to management activity is not easy, as we tend to see it as a natural gift; only when methodology is applied do we appreciate what can really be achieved.

Gareth Lloyd-Jones, Managing Director, Smith & Nephew Group Research Centre

QFD is invaluable in creating understanding of what needs to be delivered, how we might go about it, and how we can measure achievement. Better still, it can be used at many levels, with the resultant QFDs clearly linked. Thus we can drive strategy from board level with one QFD, deliver programmes of change across a division with a second QFD and make improvements in operational departments with a third. All linked, all relevant to the level at which they are being applied. QFD effectively uses people.

Chris Stockdale, Business Change Consultant, Sainsbury plc

QFD is an effective means to ensure that an organisation's objectives are supported by its various operating processes. Once the QFD is established, the matrix of processes against objectives makes it clear where the value adding or value destroying issues lie. It ensures the allocation of clear process ownership and it breaks down functional silo thinking and encourages an holistic approach.

Rama Venchard, Business Support Manager, Whitbread plc

QFD, within one process, reconciles the apparently irreconcilable: simultaneously dealing with politics and planning; with opinions and organisation; with ideas and exploration. It provides a structure that enables structured social thinking to be applied from the outset, and that captures the conclusions like a camera can capture a million pieces of information in a fraction of a second. It is a high performing strategy/planning process, and as a means of managing complexity and controversy into confidence and commitment, nothing else can touch it!

Martin Price, Principal Consultant, PMProfessional

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