Testimonials: Managing complexity, simply

GlobalNetXchange is a global electronic marketplace, created by 8 of the largest retailers in the world and operational within months. My team is culturally diverse, and the QFD has given us a common management framework for rapidly developing the organisation to be effective and manage the complexity of our global and technological task.

Bharat Popat, V.P. Product Management, GlobalNetXchange, SanFrancisco, CA.

Management by QFD gives complete transparency to the inner workings of an organisation; everyone can see why we are doing something and how our efforts contribute to the big picture.

Andrew Jackson, Programme Manager, Smith & Nephew Endoscopy

The two-day initial QFD session taught me more about my organisation than working there for the previous eight years! QFD provides the business overview and structure to manage the operation effectively

Jelle Struijk, Systems Support Engineer, Fisher Rosemount Systems Assembly Europe

QFD has allowed us to truly understand, what we do, whether we should be doing it, and how we can do it better. It has given us a clear understanding of what we need to achieve, at all levels of the organisation, and helped us to work as a team to deliver it. It has improved my performance, that of teams I work with and the company as a whole. I know of no other management tool that would have achieved what QFD has done for us.

Len Pendle, HR Director, Smith & Nephew Group

QFD is the best management framework I have ever come across. It gives you a model to manage your organisation from Board level right down to the individual teams, and it achieves the focus and collective commitment of the stakeholders to deliver benefits. QFD enables you to manage complex business environments, simply.

Dilip Popat, Service Manager, Partner Practice, Enterprise Services, Microsoft Limited

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