QFD Transforms performance by 140%

Imagine for a moment, that you are the General Manager of a manufacturing facility: You manage all European assembly for your parent organisation, which is a major multi-national. Every major project the business undertakes in Europe, leaves through your doors. Most of your customers are on penalty clauses. The industry is highly competitive. Your delivery performance is less than 40%, and you're getting your butt seriously kicked.
You have to improve performance!
But then a corporate directive demands that you halve your inventory (which even at current levels is insufficient to meet demand). What do you do?
Faced with precisely this situation, the MD at Fisher Rosemount Systems Assembly Europe (SAE) realised that his only real option lay in establishing far better control over his key processes.
He used QFD to provide his team with a clear understanding of the critical success factors for each process, and he used a highly focused review meeting to ensure management attention on those factors.
The monthly management review of the QFD (see photo above) provided a fulcrum for identifying and addressing all of the performance issues in each process. A Quadrant Chart reporting approach ensured that those issues were addressed systematically and sustainably.
The result was a delivery performance of better than 95%, and a bettering of the inventory target by over 30%.
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