Case Studies of Success

Systematic management approaches, and in particular QFD, have been used to transform management performance, and thereby organisation performance, in a wide range of industries and business situations. The case studies listed below provide brief snapshots of how they have been used, and the results that they have brought about (each is stored as an Acrobat pdf and is between 150 and 350 Kb in size):
Driving Business Performance: Tells the story of how QFD was used to help an ailing manufacturer (Fisher-Rosemount SAE) to achieve benchmark performance - improving delivery performance by 140%.
Harnessing Innovation: Illustrates the use of QFD in helping the management of a research facility (Smith & Nephew GRC) to take systematic perspective on performance, and thereby achieve a 40% productivity improvement.
Aligning Business Focus: Shows how a QFD based approach was used to improve the coherence and performance of a disparate group of largely independent service businesses (Siemens Shared Services).
Building Full Commitment: Provides an overview of how QFD was used to design a new, business critical, organisation from scratch (Emerson World Wide Supply Chain) using the experience, and building the commitment, of its newly appointed staff.
Making Alliances Work: Tells how QFD was used to build a successful virtual organisation between supplier and customer for the design and implementation of an innovative retail computer system.
Managing Project Management: Shows how QFD was used at a departmental level (The Project Management Group at Smith & Nephew Woundcare) to provide strategically important performance improvement for the parent company.
Leveraging Partnerships: Illustrates the use of QFD by a software company (Microsoft) to dramatically improve the performance of strategically important partnerships and thereby improve sales and customer satisfaction.
Transforming Business Performance: Complements the above case studies by providing a brief overview of QFD and how it works.
All of these case studies have been extracted from Managing by Design: Transforming management Performance through QFD, and were supported by Tesseract


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