Linking QFD to other management tools

QFD has tremendous power in helping any organisation: to determine its ambition; to develop efficient strategies to ensure achievement of that ambition; and to deploy effective ownership of the responsibility for the delivery of those strategies.
As a result of this it provides an excellent basis for anchoring and supporting a whole range of other management methodologies:

The left hand column of the QFD (objectives) provides a means for reflecting the conclusions of: strategic reviews; stakeholder analysis; customer feedback etcetera, and for ensuring they drive the focus and alignment of the whole organisation.

The consensus basis by which the QFD is deployed down into the whole organisation provides clarity to the performance management and appraisal of staff. Furthermore, the focus on performance improvement provides a creative platform for developing new and existing competencies

The clarity with which process objectives are defined provides a powerful starting point for process management and business process reengineering projects (both for focusing their efforts and for evaluating their ultimate effectiveness).

The basis for measurement that QFD deploys down through the organisation provides a tailor-made framework for balanced scorecards, quadrant charts, and problem solving methodologies.

The balancing of performance improvement with day-to-day operations that takes place within the QFD provides a practical understanding and appreciation of the principles inherent in excellence models such as EFQM and Baldrige.

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