The application of QFD to business design

To date QFD has been successfully applied to, and generated performance improvements in:

product and service development, where it has more than halved development times

organisation design in research, manufacturing, retail, and service industries, where it has better than doubled performance

business process development across most typical industry functions

partnership and joint-venture planning, where it has increased productivity by two thirds

event, workshop and training course design, where careful QFD planning has led to uniformly well received results

role definition and time management.

However, this list is not exclusive. QFD can be used to gain insight, build commitment and drive performance in any situation where ambitious objectives need to be delivered by interdependent mechanisms, whatever those objectives and mechanisms may be.
QFD is not a magical tool. All it does is provide a structure for a team of people to rigorously consider how they will make their visions reality. QFD does not transform performance, that's what the people do. QFD merely helps them to see how.
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