Importance of QFD

QFD is essentially a methodology for translating a set of ambitious goals into a confident and compelling strategy. By means of a simple matrix, QFD maps the responsibility for delivering the objectives onto the various processes by which they will be fulfilled. The matrix allows management to move their thinking beyond simple one-to-one relationships, and explore all the synergies and creative possibilities that exist (or may be made to exist) in the organisation.
Within a QFD, the team responsible for delivering performance can:

draw out new and unrealised opportunities for the processes to support the objectives

fully evaluate how well their objectives are supported, and develop or amend their strategies as required

ensure the design and performance of their processes are fully focused on their objectives, and thereby challenge and address areas of inefficiency

efficiently deploy this understanding into the teams or individuals responsible for implementing the conclusions.

What is more, QFD can do all this wherever new goals are being developed, whether these concern a corporate strategy, a product specification, a service level agreement, or a job description. QFD is powerful enough to transform a global business, simple enough to be developed on a flipchart, and flexible enough to design anything from a complete organisation to an isolated activity or product. And it is the combination of these qualities that makes it so effective in transforming performance. One tool links top to bottom, strategy to decision, purpose to action, intent to desire and mission to culture. It does so visibly, simply and inexorably, across all levels of the organisation; guiding and harnessing every effort. Yet at every level it provides opportunities for new ideas and creativity, inspiration and commitment.
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