QFD - The Secret Weapon of Mass Transformation

Imagine a tool that can make objectives so clear, and the paths to delivering them so certain, that it can generate 100% improvement in one year.
Imagine a tool that can unequivocally establish what is to be achieved, and yet still inspire commitment and creativity in its delivery.
Imagine a tool that can help the board think freely about their strategy, and yet accurately deploy the conclusions throughout a massive organisation.
Such a tool is QFD.
QFD has enabled a wide variety of organisations to deliver dramatic performance improvements through transforming their management approach. It is a very effective mechanism for clarifying objectives and for designing strategies to deliver them.
At its simplest, QFD is a simple grid, as shown on the right. Objectives are listed down the left hand side, the mechanisms for delivering them (business processes or strategies) are listed along the top, and the cells provide a means for your whole team to understand and refine how delivery of the objectives will be ensured.
The understand more about QFD, click through our step-by-step explanation, download the pdf file 'Transforming Management Performance', read the case studies, preview the book: Managing by Design, or click on the links that interest you below:

Importance of QFD; History of QFD; How QFD works; Benefits of QFD; Applications; Links to other tools.


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