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Most of the failures in business are predicted to be failures even before they are launched. They are predicted to be failures because the people who are working on them would not bet on their success. Try it yourself - get the key people for your last failed (or partly failed) project and ask how many of them at launch would have bet £1000 of their own money on its full success.
But the really worrying part though, is not how many failures (or partial failures) there are, but the extent to which management is often oblivious to the issue until it is too late to do anything about it.
And they are oblivious because their management practices are not sufficiently systematic to identify the problems, or to prevent identified problems from recurring.
Tesseract's approach is to establish simple but effective mechanisms for defining and monitoring the criteria of success - using tools such as: QFD for establishing clear deliverables and dependencies; Quadrant Charts for managing progress against them; and PROBLEM for ensuring improvement.
In 'Predict' we look at this in more depth, we look at the principles that underpin the approach, and we look at the tools that support progress in it.


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