Responsive Delivery Through Empowered Enthusiasm
...engendering responsibility in competence and culture

No matter how good your systems and processes; competitive edge and customer satisfaction ultimately depend on your people interpreting, applying, and adapting them to the needs of the situation.
Your people are the leading edge of your business - your processes and systems are only as good as the extent to which they sustain your people in that position. Because it is your people who will flex to meet ever-changing customer needs, and who will adapt your processes to new opportunities and challenges.
The challenge facing most organisations is no longer: "How do we control or replace our people through processes and systems?", it is rather: "How do we use our processes and systems to enthuse, support and amplify our people?"
We need to create a real sense of 'responsibility' in our people through establishing and emphasising their 'ability to respond'. And it is to this that we need to apply our processes and systems: to equipping people with the tools, skills and latitude to be 'able'; and to inspiring and informing a real desire to 'respond'.
The name 'Tesseract' was drawn from a short parable about a man who trapped himself inside the structures he created. To us, the parable is analogous to managers becoming prisoners of their own systems. Our approach is to lift people up above the systems they have created, and to equip them to use them as a ladder, rather than a cage.
In 'People' we look at this in more depth, we look at the principles that underpin the approach, and we look at the tools that support progress in it.


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