Unified Commitment Through a Compelling Vision
...inspire and build on dreams and aspirations

In researching thousands of successful companies for their book: 'Built to last: Successful habits of visionary companies', James Collins and Jerry Porras discovered that those companies with a clear and enduring vision of their future, outperformed the general stock market by a factor of 12 since 1925 (HBR 1996).
A compelling vision sets out what the organisation really believes in, and what it is going to do about it. It inspires passionate and resolute pursuit of the goals by engaging with people at a spiritual level, through their core values and their true aspirations. A compelling vision provides a real way for us all to be winners, part of an irresistible, and inevitably victorious, team.
QFD provides a means of developing such a vision; creating a clear and compelling definition of success, and then encouraging the whole organisation to explore its implications for them as teams and individuals. QFD provides cohesion and a practical basis for deploying the resulting commitment through all of the levels of the organisation; making teamwork a reality for all, no matter what the size of your organisation.
Tesseract's approach is to work with its clients to draw out their own energies and aspirations, and then to help them to develop this into a powerful framework of visionary statements that will inspire and harness all of the resources of the organisation to its common goal. (See the right hand column for links to case studies on this)
In 'Philosophy' we look at the mechanisms of developing compelling visions and values in more depth, we look at the principles that underpin the approach and we look at the tools that support progress in it.


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