Competitive Edge Through Effective Partnerships
...harnessing relationships into powerful alliances

The rate of technical advancement is rapidly increasing. For many organisations, it has now become so high that it is virtually impossible for them to develop complete leading edge solutions in isolation.
As a result of this, many companies are beginning to realise that their future success will depend on them effectively retrenching themselves: being leading edge in a limited area, and partnering with others who are leading edge in complementary areas.
And this thinking is being extended into how companies approach their customers. It is no longer enough to deliver to 'the specification'. Companies are beginning to recognise the need to 'add value' to their customers on an intuitive and sustained basis - and 'adding value' often means enabling your customers to serve their customers better and more efficiently. What was 'product' yesterday has become 'service' today and is already developing into 'partnership' for tomorrow.
But this partnership perspective adds a whole new level of difficulty to management - partnership becomes a critical interface, on which so much rests, and wherein so much less is understood or under your direct control.
Tesseract's approach is to work with 'partnerships' to develop a powerful set of shared objectives that represent strategic value to both organisations, and then to use these objectives as the foundation for strengthening the commitments and practices of that 'partnership'. (See the right hand column to access the relevant case studies)
In 'Purpose' we look at the relationship with customers in more depth, we look at the principles that underpin the approach and we look at the tools that support progress in it.


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