Systematic Management

There has been a lot of investigation and analysis of what, in real practical terms, actually differentiates a organisation that is successfully using excellent management approaches to outperform its competitors.
The conclusions have been developed by consultants and companies into what they refer to as 'Management Principles', and by other bodies into 'Award Criteria' for the assessment of prizes such as the Baldrige Award or the European Quality Award.
In all cases the salient features can be grouped into six aspects which are largely common to all models of excellence in business management:

having a clear and effective focus on the customer
(Common Purpose)

establishing a coherent picture of what the business is trying to achieve (Clear Philosophy)

developing and harnessing the full potential of people (Empowered People)

rigorously improving the mechanisms by which the company operates (Emphasis on Process)

objectively, and scientifically, monitoring and responding to progress (Ability to Predict)

developing strategic approaches to continuously improving all the above (Desire to Perfect)
These aspects provide both beacons to guide improvement, and dimensions against which to measure progress.
Drawn together they also reflect the various aspects of the box-on-a-box model which we have proposed as the basis for professional management.

Essentially the management process as described here is both a responsibility on management, and a mechanism by which they can undertake the activities listed above.
These process elements provide a valuable framework within which management can address management issues and position, evaluate and employ management ideas.
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