Our Approach

We believe passionately in the concept of the 'professional manager'. We believe that the increased adoption of a professional management approach will: make business more successful; make work more fulfilling; and will provide the space and inclination for a more responsible value set (culturally, socially, environmentally, and spiritually).
We also believe that for many managers the transition is not easy. The pressure of rapid change, and increasing expectations, combined with the familiarity of existing practices, tend to drive and reinforce old paradigms of management. A bit like the opening paragraph of 'Winnie the Pooh'.
We know that if management is to make that transition, they need to be equipped with the tools and approaches that make the new role as familiar and comfortable as the old, and demonstrably more effective in dealing with the pressures they are facing.
Our role is therefore to provide methods and tools, to support our clients in their use, and to champion the case for change. How we work with clients to implement the systematic approach is explained in more detail in 'Our Services' and in the case studies.
To date, our approach has majored on :

providing a general model of the systematic management approach, and

emphasising within that one enormously powerful tool (QFD) which encompasses most of the philosophy in a sure-fire solution.

This section provides insight and practical guidance on both the model and the tool - please click on the hot-links above for more detail.


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