Putting Management Squarely in the Driving Seat

Where do your management team spend
most of their time?

Is it in managing people's actions? Or is it in developing the attitudes and competences that result in those actions?

Is it in managing timeliness and quality? Or is it in designing the process characteristics that lead to timeliness and quality?

Is it in managing financial outcome? Or is it in harmonising the critical factors behind financial success?

In other words, faced with a flood, would your management team be most likely to rush for the mops? Or would they first turn off the taps?
Business has become more complex than it was: the range of possible options is far greater and the rate of change is much faster. And our staff now need to respond to ever developing needs and unorthodox situations on a day-to-day basis - "routinely" making the choices that management used to make for them.
So what now of management's role? They will burn themselves out if they try to double-check all the decisions that their staff are now having to make. And their staff will likely create confusion and conflict if management simply back off.
Instead, management need to reflect on the patterns they see. They need to influence the systems that lead to good decisions; to develop processes that support and guide their staff; to create a culture in which success is inevitable. The business 'game' has moved up a level, and management need to move up with it.
They need to move to a level which analyses the nature of change, and prepares the organisation to respond effectively to its consequences.
Tesseract's approach is to provide management with the skills and methodologies to excel in this new role. We particularly favour the use of QFD to help management to gain control at this new level.
QFD is a tool, which begins to equip management for precisely this role. Through QFD they can explore the organisational variables that determine success, and can develop effective strategies to configure the organisation to ride the waves of change.
For further information on QFD, and on the other tools and methodologies that support a systematic approach, please enter the site.


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