Self Analysis

How professional is your own approach to management? Reflect on how your own approach accords with the twelve statements listed below by means of the following scoring scale:


 Almost entirely true


 Definitely more true than false


 Slightly more true than false


 Slightly more false than true


 Definitely more false than true


 Almost entirely false

There is a clearly defined strategy for ensuring processes and people are customer focused, and their is active management of the progress and effectiveness of it  
Customer satisfaction is regularly measured and improved, and there is clear evidence of increasing partnership with the customers in terms of joint teamworking.  
The performance goals and improvement targets are very much in evidence both visually and in routine communications. It is clear that they are everyone's priority.  
There is a clear strategy to value the 'right' behaviours, and management actively support this by analysing the issues and developing clear plans to address behaviours as appropriate  
There is a clearly defined strategy for using challenges and training to develop the competence of the department, and performance against this is measured  
There is clear evidence that the Mgr has coaching plans and records for his/her direct reports and regularly coaches them in the development of management skills and attitudes  
Key business processes are well defined, and in control. Up to date maps or schematics exist, there is clear guidance for those working in them, and there is recent audit data  
There is clear evidence of project work to systematically improve process performance and quality. Performance is monitored & problem solving tools used to address issues.  
There is prominent visible evidence of the measurement and trending of current performance in all key areas. Quadrant charts are well used and result in clear improvements.  
There is evidence that the quality & availability of information is regularly audited, & reviews regularly used to analyse weaknesses and improve the quality of future decisions  
There is regular seeking of ideas and solutions from outside of the dept/process, and clear evidence of their evaluation and implementation into the practices of the dept/process  
There is a clear mechanisms for seeking & encouraging improvement at all levels of the dept/process, and evidence of active promotion of the concept of continuous improvement  

The total score is out of 60, but there is no intention to propose any spurious automated conclusions on your score. The intention was only to provide you with a means to reflect on your own areas of strength and weakness by considering the the statements in the context of your own organisation.

If you would like a paper version of the self analysis form, complete with a more detailed explanation of the statements this can be downloaded from the resources section, or by clicking here (86 KB Acrobat file)


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