Thought Provoking Ideas?

Through almost twenty years of consulting on management, we have had much cause and opportunity to develop new insights into the management process. This site has been developed to share some of these insights, and to allow others to benefit from them.
We hope you will find something of interest to set you thinking on each page you visit, but to start the ball rolling, you might want to explore the following:

Putting management squarely in the driving seat - how effective are the decisions of your management team?

The paradox of meetings - how seeking to have fewer meetings makes those we do have less efficient (book extract as pdf)

Organisational freedom - do well designed processes limit creativity, or inspire it?

The fallacy of the silver bullet - why there is no such thing as a magic solution in management

The importance of personal values - will your improvements take you to a better place? (book extract as pdf)

Managing complexity - how management can learn from other professions

Self analysis - how do your management team score?


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Fast Perspectives:
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Making alliances work

(case study)
Aligning business focus

(case study)
Managing by Design
- a handbook of
Systematic Mgt.

(purchase on line)
Transforming performance through QFD

For more detail:

How we see the management issue.

Moving up a level: reconsidering and re-evaluating your role
(book extract)