Michael Clargo

Michael Clargo is a founder director of Tesseract Management Systems Ltd., and author of 'Managing by Design'
Since entering into full-time consultancy in 1988, Mike has assisted over 30 well known companies with the strategic, methodical improvement of their management processes. His work and research has addressed all aspects of general, industrial and technology management in industries as varied as Metal Processing, Electronics, Healthcare, Aerospace, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Transport, Chemicals, Utilities, Information, Engineering and Contract R&D.
The major focus of Mike's work has been to establish and improve management practice, either in its own right, or as a sustainable solution to specific short term business issues.
Mike is married with two children, and lives in a small village on the Hertfordshire/Essex borders in the UK. He enjoys sailing, but finds most of his time is taken up with his clients, his family and in projects for his local church, where he has helped run a number of Alpha courses, and now runs the Youth Group.
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