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Post 2006 our thoughts on how Tesseract 'gives back' have changed radically. You can read about 'why' in our link to 'About Reconxile' on the right. As a result, our giving is now neither conventional nor easily auditable (except through our company accounts). For this reason we have now decoupled our contributions to charity from those of organisations who have been using our materials.

In terms of our own giving to charitable works and causes, as a result of following our own rules on the use of our materials, we have committed the following ...
2007 £18,388.91
2008 £45,139.42
2009 £27,102.30
2010 £24,846.59

We have also committed many hundreds of hours to the development and deployment of the Reconxile resources.

In 2003 we set ourselves a vision to generate £1M for charity by 2010. Since then our total in direct giving has amounted to £165,964.36 , only 16.6% of our target. However, as a result of our change of strategy in 2006, we have followed the principle of 'a hand-up, not a hand out' and we are pleased to announce that the most recent assessment of the impact of this work (conducted in 2009) is that it has generated the equivalent of £9.3M in Aid, almost ten times our original vision.

But our new approach, while massively more effective, is not conducive to the fulfilment of the terms of the license for commercial financial gain from using Tesseract materials. We are therefore asking people who are seeking to make a payment under these terms to make their donation directly to Hand-in Hand.

>930% progress toward our vision, with zero years to go!


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