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Tesseracts is the publishing division of Tesseract Management Systems.

It administers the publication, marketing and distribution of
'Managing by Design: Using QFD to transform management performance'.
Please note: All orders for 'Managing by Design' should be processed through the links on this website.
Tesseracts is also responsible for the publishing of this website, which has been constructed to provide some stimulation, encouragement, and some simple tools, to those companies that want to take a more systematic approach to the management of their business.
Tesseracts' office is in central London, and they can be contacted at:
212 Piccadilly
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Telephone +44 (0) 207 917 2914
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The ideas and concepts outlined in this set of pages have arisen largely as the result of the stimulation, challenges and encouragements of our clients.
They say that a consultant is someone who borrows your watch to tell you the time. We now have a treasured collection of our clients' watches, which they have given willingly, and in many cases with guidance, support and ideas on how to use them. Our role has simply been in establishing a logical framework in which those watches can be seen to best advantage.

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