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Tesseract Management Systems is a UK based consulting practice which focuses on helping its clients transform their organisation's performance through transforming their management performance. Or, put another way, we help our clients implement and refine their management process to the point that they can consistently deliver competition-beating performance - whatever that performance is!
Our clients are all well known names in a range of different industries, technologies and markets; including Siemens, Microsoft, Emerson and Smith & Nephew.
Our mission is to increase the effectiveness of management at all levels, in all areas of business, and through that to make the process of management more fulfilling and beneficial for everybody concerned:

We help management to clarify their aspirations and responsibilities, and translate the conclusions into an effective 'vision'

We equip management to systematically ensure that the 'vision' will be realised efficiently and with confidence

We build the ability (competences and attitudes) of the organisation to define and deliver its 'vision' increasingly well

Our own vision is to deliver £1M to the Peinao Trust by 2010
Our approach is catalytic, systemic, sustainable and transferable. We use simple practical tools (such as QFD) to ensure that the learning and insights we develop with our clients can be replicated long after our departure.
Tesseract Management Systems is a member of Richmond Group (the leading consortium of independent management consultants) which provides us access to over 100 specialists from every conceivable field of management consultancy.
Tesseract Management Systems' office is in central London, and we can be contacted at:
Tesseract Management Systems Ltd.
212 Piccadilly
London W1V 9LD
Telephone +44 (0) 20 7917 2914
Or you can e-mail us at:


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